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My sister, myself, and my niece went to Bahama Bay Resort in Orlando for 1 week. I paid for extra days and had to listen to their "talk". I was told it would be first thing in the morning so I would not have to waste my whole day, however it was scheduled 30 minutes away so I had to get myself their. Then it was at 1:00 in the afternoon, not the morning. I was then told it would only be 90 minutes so my sister and my niece decided to wait... Read more

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My wife and I went to see the property in Orlando and loved what we saw. When they did the presentation and offered it to us at half what the original price was, I figured it would be a good buy especially when they told me that they had people lined up to buy more and would be happy to sell ours if we never needed it. Well little did I know that the next year my job would relocate me to Florida and I no longer would need this. It didn't... Read more

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When we originally bought our timeshare we were told how easy it would be to sell if we ever wanted to because "they always had a waiting list of consumers who want to buy." My time share is now paid off and when I tried to sell it I have found that it would cost me anywhere from $2000-$5000 more to sell. This is insane. I am basically stuck with something for life that I no longer want. I would even be willing to walk away from it without... Read more

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I really have not been disappointed until now. Not only do they want to keep my money invested, but to sell it would cost an additional 2 thousand dollars. This is not what I thought it would be. I am now in the silver program with them and not really any extras given. Each time I try to go in to see what I get, I am unable to get into the site. Anyone interested, I will sell my time shares for a thousand under what I bought them for. During my... Read more

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I book with My vacation was ok but I made the best of it. So I check in at my hotel then I went down to summer bay welcome center they tell me I not quiefied to take the tour I call bookvip cuostmer service who is a third party I didn't know that so they tell me I cant stay at the hotel only for one night which I had my family there for 3 nights so I didn't understand that I will not book with them again inconvience meet to find... Read more

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We were referred to Summer Bay by Readers Digest (NZ), who had advised us that we had 'won' a $3000 holiday (no mention of US$).. The local call in NZ was actually answered in the US by an agent for Summer Bay (unbeknown to us). We were led on with the fact that the package price was originally $3900 odd (again not quoted as US), so we would only have to pay $898.00 for which we would receive 7 days/six nights at Premium Hotel Orlando Summer Bay... Read more

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Miguel Gil clona targetas de credito y Es el manager de marketing increible

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I had just arrived me my husband and two children get to the resort was only two beds. OK so I thought they would fix it no chance. Had to pay extra to fix the situation only to find the resort charges a cleaning fee more money spent talk to the reservations department thinking they would take care of the problem instead to receive more ruddness. Worse experience ever never will we use summer bay Clermont fl. Read more

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This is a big scam.I paid for a package which included a4days3nights cruise after attending a90minutes presentation.THAT'S ALL THEY WANT YOU TO PAY AND ATTEND THEIR PRESENTATION. After which they DO NOT GIVE YOU.WHAT WAS PROMISED Instead they give you the royal run around from one number to another until you are frustrated to the point of giving up. After trying for2weeks to get what i paid for without success I called again 12-29 and Spoke with... Read more

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The resort is horrible and the customer service & experience is worst. DO NOT SPEND your money here! The resort sends you to another location out of the US on a horrific boat and cuns you into buying something overseas. Once you return and cancel within the 10 days, they remove money from your account for charges that were preciously paid. There is no way to fight it unless you have additional money laying around to fight the mess. In... Read more

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