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i received an email offering me a fantastic deal to stay at summer bay resort and after lengthy talks and going from one person to another i was to put up an amount of money to secure this deal which is a fraction of real cost, supposedly a promotion deal by the resort. i gave them my bank details however no money in account fortunately.

after thinking about it i realised how silly i was to give them my account but the web site they show is very convincing.

i believe this is just a scam.i am putting this here so others will not fall for this . i dont think it is done by the resort but people with a very good sales pitch.

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This is an actual resort. They offer such large discounts because it is a time share and they want people to come and buy a timeshare.

We are staying there through a close friend who is an owner there.

He has been an owner there for about 13 years. Not a scam!


hmmmm so you knowingly gave them your bank acct number knowing it had no funds in it? that my friend is a scam in itself.

what are you basing your theory on that the Summer Bay is a scam? You are the one who just tried to scam them.

I am guessing the company is a time share type and I'm sure there is plenty of fine print.

Yes, they probably have good sales people - and yes their site is craeted to generate sales - that is how advertising works.

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