Several years ago, I got a call from Summer Bay, wanting to sell a vacation "package." It cost around $250.00 and seemed like they were on the "up-and-up." It was for two destinations, with three "bonus" trips/accommodations that could be taken later. The "pitch" was that the resorts wanted people to experience what it could be like in staying at their resorts, and that was supposedly the reason they were offering such a low price.

But I was suspicious of this. They had told me initially that I would only have to take a "tour" of one of the resorts, and that was the only requirement. But when I called them some time later to book one of the trips, I asked them AGAIN, about what they required. Come to find out, I was totally lied to, because then I learned I would have to take a separate "tour" AT ALL FIVE of the resorts upon our arrival at each one...a total of five "tours"...and all were required, NOT the single tour I been led to believe.

Needless to say, they would not refund any of my money, which they insisted I pay beforehand. Oh, and by the way, there were three calls, each from Summer Bay, promising the same kinds of trips, but not necessarily the same destinations...I would supposedly be able to choose later which ones and when we wanted to go. But there were to be NO TIMESHARE sales presentations So, there were two more payments in advance for $ 250.00 each. Now the total was up to $ 750.00, and all three calls responded that there would be only ONE "Tour" of ONE vacation facility for each of the three packages I purchased.

But learning the truth, I contacted anyone who would listen at Summer Bay, and the Better Business Bureau in Florida--no results--no apologies. Long story short--I'll just chalk this experience up to poor judgment on my part. I stopped pursuing it long ago. But the calls keep coming from various "fulfillment" firms, each with a different company name.

They each tell me they "see that you haven't completed your trips that you purchased, and that were now expired." They want to know what happened to cause us not to go on the trips. When I tell them, they tell me I can still go on those trips, and that they have some additional trips they want to sell me, for only a "very reasonable fee." I still hear nothing about not having to attend "tours" or "time share presentations." So, I tell them to remove my phone number from their list...but every so often, I still get calls from different firms--same deal--same hype. I'm not falling for it again. They can call until the cows jump over the moon as far as I'm concerned.

They are wasting my time and have stolen my money. I will never trust spiels like this again. When I see numbers calling from Florida, do not even bother to answer them. Now then, Mr.

Whoever You Are, I get the privilege of wasting YOUR time!!

Count on it Summer Bay--and to all the others they have given my phone number to--rest assured, there WILL be a time you will have to pay for your deceits!!

Caveat emptor! (from Latin, “let the buyer beware.”)

Submitted August 4, 2014

Review about: Summer Bay Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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If the complaining customer would care to divulge their name or contact information (old telephone number and email address) we would be more than happy to look into the issue to see if in fact that they are a customer of ours or even participated in a secondary product sold by an affiliated service providers. However without this information we are not able to assist you or address your concerns.

to James Baker #873935

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