My husband and I have been with summer bay resorts for some years,we have been charged a fee for late payment due to us not receiving a bill. An extra 300 dollars. I can not trust them now.

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Walton, Indiana, United States #1214815

Same thing happened to us. No bills either mailed or online or ANY correspondence from them in any attempt to receive payment.

They let this go for 2 years, then all of a sudden they are emailing and calling to collect past due amount and late fee. This is a common complaint with this company.


Of course you had a late fee. Why wouldn't you?

If the company didn't charge a late fee, everybody would claim every month that they didn't get their bill and just pay when ever they feel like it. You know you owe that bill and it's due on the same day every month. Big companies mail out customer bills automatically so, most likely, it was the postal service that lost it or your postman gave it to someone else. I don't work for this company this is how most all companies work.

You are not off the hook just because your paper bill did not arrive.

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