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After purchasing an educational product for my children, a sales rep for summer bay resorts came on the line and said that I had won a 4 day 3 night vacation package to Napa Valley in California. He said the only fee that I would have to pay for were two tickets to visit all the vineyards at the cost of $248, but because of the cost he said that he would throw in a 3 day 2 night vacation package to the resort in Las Vegas, and two other 3 day night packages to their resorts located in Anaheim. The sales rep also told me that this included taxes etc, and that there were no other booking fees and no restrictions to when I could go. They did tell me I had to book two weeks in advance but that was it. I also asked if this was a promotional marketing thing that I would have to listen to a timeshare presentation etc, and the sale rep said no. So after considering everything I really thought this was the real deal and so I purchased it.

A week later I received my conformation letter and information etc. To say the least, I was pissed, everything I was told was false. In the letter it read that my package only included a 4 day 3 night promotional package in which I was required to sit through a 90 min presentation and a 3 day 2 night Las Vegas package which I was also required to sit through another 90 min presentation. The worst thing though was they didn't give me the extra 2 vacation packages. Also on top of all that there are still additional taxes and a required reservation fee of $15 to $20 (per day). I was ticked off. I even went to other travel sites such as etc to compare costs etc and come to find out it would cost me less to just book a 4-5 star hotel through these sites than it cost me for this "free" vacation.

When I called them up the customer service sucked. I was transferred and transferred until finally I got a "manager" that said he couldn't do anything about refunding me. I argued with him for almost an hour and finally he gave me the other two 3 day 2 night vacation packages, but that was it. They also said that I still needed to go to the 90 min presentation for EACH location or I would be charged $125 a night, and if that wasn't enough, come to find out, you don't even stay at their hotel, they pick a hotel such as motel 8 for you to stay at and then you have to go to their resort to listen to the presentation etc. I was livid and fuming fire at this point.

Anyway, I let a couple of weeks go by, logging in almost daily to see if they add the 2 other vacations etc and nothing changed. I then called again and went through the same tedious process of finding the right person to talk to etc and then they told me that the other vacations would only be added if I go to Napa valley first. So again I argued with them for another hour or two about what they had told me etc. LESSON to be learned, NEVER trust a telemarketer, or at least this company, because the sales reps only put in the notes that protect them and not you.

Anyway they finally added the vacation packages, BUT they apparently were in negotiations with the Anaheim and several other California resorts so I could no longer book my vacation in those areas. When I asked when I could they just said I don't know when or if they will be available again.

Long story short, everything that they told me, and I mean EVERYTHING was false. First of all I DIDN'T win anything they offer these promotions all the time. Then they build this beautiful picture that is completely false and ends up costing you more than if you were to book it yourself through a travel site. And last but not least they then publish and promote destinations that the contracts are constantly being negotiated on so they don't even know whether or not they even have these destinations let alone when.

After all of this I just wanted a refund, I couldn't go when and where I wanted, I would be spending more than if I booked it myself, I would have to sit through a 90 min presentation at each location or pay an additional $125 per day, and I would be staying in a motel 8 (or similar hotel) and not even at their resort. What the heck is wrong with this picture right? You would think that they would give me a refund at this point, but this is exactly how this company makes their money. They paint this picture and then they make it a nightmare to use it, if at all.

Anyway by this point I just demanded a manager and every time they would transfer me over to the "quality assurance" dept and everyone there insisted that they were the top of the food chain and the manager that I needed to talk to. I swear that everyone in this department only knows the word "NO" so after calling about thirty different times and talking to about ten different people I called back and asked for the customer service manager, they then transferred me to a guy named Larry and sure enough he was indeed the manager (I have to say that Larry was the nicest guy I had spoken to at this company) however he said that I would need to speak with the manager of the Quality assurance department which is a guy named Kenny, he then transferred me. I'm not joking when I say that I was on hold for over an hour and a half before I was able to speak to him. I then calmly explained the situation and that I wanted a refund and all he said he could do is give me the address of the compliance department in which I could file a complaint and appeal for a refund and that it would take at least 60-90 days. The conversation kept getting heated, and when I asked him, "If you are the manager then why don't you have the authority to refund me the money?" his response was just silence. After a long drawn out conversation he hung up on me. Which made me even more determined to get this resolved.

After doing some research I found a Summer Bay resort (one of their resorts) by their corporate office so I called and asked how to get a hold of the compliance department, so they gave me some other numbers etc and long story short I found that the compliance department manager is a guy named JAMES BAKER and he can be reached at 801-371-6863 ext: 7525

When calling Mr. Baker, and even after listening to all the recordings showing what I said and what the sells reps had promised was true, all he could say was it is past the 7 day refund policy that you agreed to so there is nothing I can do. This is when I told him ok and that I would be glad to still go to these resorts and sit through the presentations, but I also said that he should know that I will share my experiences with his company to the others within each of these presentations as well. At this point he said ok but because of this I can't allow you to go on these vacations, so I said ok give me a refund and he said no and then hung up.

This is why I am publishing my story and the above contact information. First I don't want this to happen to anyone else, and second I hope Mr. Baker get so many calls that he will rethink his policies and procedures.

This doesn't have to happen to you. My advice stay away from anything that has to do with Summer Bay Resorts,, River Point at Napa valley resort,,,,, and anything that has to do with Resort Services International, Inc (RSI Inc.)( which is the owner of Summer Bay Resorts, because they will scam you. There are also many other websites that they also use, so be careful.

I am also filing a complaint with consumer affairs and am looking into a small claims case as well; my attorney says it's a slam dunk.

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I was told that I would receive a condo at the resort instead of the "hotel" room....this is on tape.When I read the e-mail, I learned I was booked for a "hotel" room.

I immediately called and cancelled the promotion package, stating the reason why. After I sent an e-mail to quality assurance @ Summerbay, I received a call from the telemarketer that sold the package. He stated that it was his fault that the e-mail didn't state that I would receive a condo and not a hotel room. I informed him that if it isn't in writing, it won't happen.

He said he would send another e-mail.I'm still waiting.....................


My wife somehow was persuaded to purchase Summerbay timeshare.The dumbest thing ever because we reside in South Africa and it costs us almost $3000 to get to Florida.

Now she pays and pays and sees no reward. Smoothest talkers ever.

And once you sign you just don't ever seem to get out of the deal.:(


I have alot of bad things I could say but just want to but some info out there

I got lots of packages 3 years ago when I was 22. I renewed for another 3 years to use.

the packs I have are

• 4 days and 3 nights in Orlando, Florida

• 2 theme park passes or a 1 week economy car rental

• 3 days and 2 nights in Daytona Beach, Florida

• 2 Daytona USA tickets

• 3 days and 2 nights on the Bahamas Celebration Cruise

****Transportation not included. Cruise option available for additional port and processing fees per person.

• 3 days and 2 nights at one of our beautiful destinations across the country

• 3 days and 2 nights at one of our beautiful destinations across the country

• 3 days and 2 nights at one of our beautiful destinations across the country

• 3 days and 2 nights at one of our beautiful destinations across the country

• 3 days and 2 nights at one of our beautiful destinations across the country

• 4 days and 3 nights in Gatlinburg, TN

• 5 days and 4 nights in Cancun, Mexico

• 5 days and 4 nights in Cancun, Mexico

• 5 days and 4 nights in Costa Rica

• Accommodation upgrade

• All Inclusive Cancun

• All Inclusive Costa Rica

• Package extension

• Three Year Extension

• Waive Transfer Fee

now I just called to see what all i...

I told them I already payed for the all inclusive cancun.

they said you have it but you have not payed for it. what dose that mean?

I would be interreasted in going to court to shut down this scam or to get my money back because I really don't know what I payed for.

what can I do?

what should I do?

can a bunch of us get togather to shut them down?

I'm thinking we could get the word out before they get the next guy. because by the time they serch this out it's toooo late

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We have also had calls to sell our time share plus have had major problems trying to use anything.Having to travel with your spouse everytime is just "***".

Especially since when we purchased this that was a big factor, that I would be able to go on short get aways with different friends. This has been just a pain and way to difficult to use. We have lost more money not getting to go anywhere than if we just booked trips on our own. I understand that Summer Bay has not been the company calling about selling or reselling the time share that we currently own, but the whole process is just nothing but a pain.

With all of the time share companies in the world, why did we pick this one.

Gee, I know, because it was owned by someone who was from the Ste.Gen, Missouri area and thought that this company would be easy to work with, well we were wrong!


I would like to have my 99.00 back asap i did know that i had to be married to stay @ this resort i was used. I hate that i did decide to trust this company please please please call me back regarding this matter @ 601-918-7362 for my refund of 99.00 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I rather pay a lawer than SBR, BC their fees are like a black hole which never gets full!


Summer bay treated me great.I have had no experience like this, however I stayed at the SB resort in Orlando,Fl.

Maybe there is truly a big West Coast,East Coast difference,even in the telemarketing world. I dont know how you approached the people on the phone, but I can guarantee you didnt use tact or a pleasant attitude. That could have made a world of difference in the situation.

Just a thought, the way you treat people is usually forming the result you recieve.Just saying...


I was also scammed by Summer Bay. I want people to contact me if they want to file a class action lawsuit.


Dave - You've been hosed, pal. Summer Bay Resorts are nothing but a fraud ring. Contact the Florida Attorney General's office and file a complaint.



I paid my $800+ and actually want to go on these trips.

I would need to spend $1400 on flights to get to the USA then buy my internal travel.

So I am not expecting a free holiday!

I was expecting top class accomodation and a slick sales pitch in a bid to sell time share.

My difficulty is getting a firm booking within the time allowed...has anyone had a positive experience?

My wife and I split and my new partner doesnt live with me, so we dont qualify.

No refund!!

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