they scamed from my children saying they had a disney land holiday for them , then they stole money from my account, they are very rithless to dot hat to people , we are not rich so what we lost was very hard to find back, this company has no regard for ant one but themselves, they had no right in taking money from anyones account , they all should be lined up and whiped, other people that have been caught should do the same as me and post all the bad *** this company does to people, very nasty people when you get them back though

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Direct your complaints here:

Florida Attorney General

Toll-free Fraud Hotline:


This fraud needs to be shut down now.


I couldn't agree more. The worst is that Florida's BBB, state realtors association all support the companies allowances & deceptions.

I stayed @ ORLANDO 1/5 - 1/12/2011, I would NEVER recommend any of their 9 resorts. We have stayed at many resorts, this one rated #2 on the worst.


no one can steal money out of your account unless you authorize it by giving your details


shame on you for coughing up your banking info...not smart

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