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Summer Bay is a huge scam! They have stolen $8,000 from me and are still trying to take more of my money!!!

I would not mess with this company not even for the free trip, they will find a way to charge you for nothing. I regret the day i took the trip and feel like such a victim. I have never been taken advantage by anyone the way this company has.

They are *** and have no work ethic and are a sorry excuse for a business! All they do is steal money from honest, hard working people.

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Florida Attorney General

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This fraud needs to be shut down now.


summer bay and timeshare in general is not a scam by any stretch of the imagination. Is it the greatest deal in the whole world?

maybe not... Is it high pressure sales? probably so.....but the high pressure usually only stems from the fact that people that KNOW they really cannot afford it; but they really, really WANT it....Florida law clearly states that you have a 10 day right of recision on any timeshare purchase. The law also requires that you the consumer, be informed of this....not only in writing(in the contract); but, the deeding agent would have informed the buyer of this right before closing the deal as well.

In fact; I can tell you from personal knowledge that the deeding agent would not have even closed the transaction if this buyer would have expressed even the smallest of concerns about cancelling within the 10 day period as the company would be out the several hundred dollars it takes to do the paper work and deeds and so forth. After the 10 day period though....well that's a different story...but, try getting your money back from any other, cars....etc....bottom your homework and don't make uninformed decisions when making major purchases...dont blame the companies...take responsibility for you own actions


Anne, you must be a *** that works for them. Lawyers wrote their contract and normal people can't grasp the true meaning.

These people are outright pro thieves and liars. If you didn't have a connection with them you would keep your mouth shut and not criticize them for their mistakes.


Dear Sue, How did they steal from you? Buyers remorse on your behalf after giving $8,000 to purchase a timeshare?

Dont blame others for your choices, Florida has a law to protect you with in 10 days of your purchase. Be accountable for your own money management and dont sign contracts without reading them first!


I've just finished sitting through one of their sales presentations and although the sales rep is very personable and persuasive, I would recommend staying away from these people. They offer a one time only deal and indicate that the moment you walk out the door, the deal is no linger valid and the price jumps approx.


This is a prime example of if it seems too good to be true, IT IS. DO NOT allow yourself tto be taken in by these people!

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