we were told we would be purchasing 1 week and 3 -3 day weekend packages per year could use after 1st monthly payment after calling approx 5-6 people was told had to pay 1 year before using and had to pay a yearly fee of $149.00 which i stupidly paid now I cannot even get 1 -3 day weekend vacation also was told at time of sale did not have to pay yearly fee till all of vacation package was paid for was told nothing but lies we are very angry and will not pay any more money

Review about: Summer Bay Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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This fraud needs to be shut down now.


We were scammed out of $1000.00 as well. Leave it alone


Thanks Rebecca - I was suapicioyus about the switching of personnel discussuing progress during my tele conversation, delays and silent reconnections. also any one - bweware of the 'I agree' in response ot their taped questions. Beware of apoligies thay are so busy (is the sound of people on in the background?)phones taped?


I was lied to as well. I was sold all these "packages" stating that I had won, when in fact it was just a scam.

I almost lost a thousand dollars by being sold these "packages" and the whole think was a fluke. Don't make the same mistake!

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