Richmond, Illinois

I've been trying to sell my Summer Bay Resort. I own it and pay only mant.

fee's every year. We have no time to enjoy it. I've emailed and called Summer Bay and No one will help me. I've tried to use one of those online selling adds, but got took for $1,000.00..

So I'm trying everything to get help to sell this. I'm not tying to make money just want out. Anyone out there got a idea?

I would stay way from time shares. I will never, never buy one again.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #818400

I wished I had checked the BBB...their success rate at closing cases sucks!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #818397

Buyer beware! They will tell you that you have 10 days to cancel but won't tell you that they will keep $75 as referenced in paragraph 4 of the terms and conditions agreement.

So be sure you want to buy or be ready to forfeit $75 if you change your mind in those 10 days! Also, beware of salesmen telling you they are managers that don't receive a dime whether you buy or not. They are all salesmen and mine got my $75 when I cancelled!

Try West Gate resorts. They have better accomodations anyway.


Direct your complaints here:

Florida Attorney General

Toll-free Fraud Hotline:


This fraud needs to be shut down now.


We have been trying to get out of ours too for teh past 6 yrs. Even the timeshare donation companies do not want to take it for free. Its so frustrating and ridiculously expensive - paying maintenance fees for 7 yrs and not even having the time to use it even once!

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