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I recently stayed (11/4-11/8) at the Summer Bay Orlando Resort as part of a preview invitation. Our stay was less than pleasurable. My family and I were sold a package for 5 days - 4 nights. When we arrived we checked in and the person who checked us in tried to make it a 4 day stay instead of 5 days. When I questioned the change it was corrected and the gentleman made an excuse that he had the incorrect person. I was then charged taxes ($25) for the stay which is not much but was told that all applicable taxes and fees were included in the price.

Secondly, when we took the kids over to the water park area there was a huge disclaimer sign that warned about not drinking the water for it will make you sick. I appreciate being advised but that certainly changed my opinion about allowing my children to play there with that potential risk. Not kid friendly!

Thirdly, upon our return back to the room we were greeted by a very large cockroach (at least only one which we saw). It was in the main bathroom where it took me 5 minutes to extinguish. Needless to say that put a damper on the rest of the stay in the room. My wife and kids did not want to sleep in the bedrooms nor stay in the room at all after that but we suffered through it. Best of all when we checked out I was not asked about my stay so I made sure they person knew of the cockroach problem. Her comment to me was "we will take care of it". No apology or concern. What kind of customer service is that?

Lastly, as part of our obligation we attended the 3 hour tour (promised it would be only 90 mins). My wife and I were very clear about our intentions not to purchase at the very beginning of our preview. Even though my intentions were very clear, our sales person spent additional time going through the process which seemed to be a delay tactic. When we got back to the preview center after our tour we had to sit again with another manager to be questioned yet again. When we told him no again they proceeded to send over another QA person who then tried and sell us yet again.

I understand this is their job but they were intent on keeping us as long as they could. I was also promised a $50 Visa card and $50 hotel card for sitting through the presentation and when I tried to collect my gift cards they told me they had no record of the Visa gift card even though I showed them the email on my phone. The manager tried disputing this with me over and over instead of resolving the problem and I was so infuriated at that point I walked out.

I would steer clear of this resort and chain they are a bunch of swindlers!! Tried contacting Herb Lyles the GM to make this right and he never responded!

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Probably not a cockroach but a palmetto bug. Very common in Florida - not a problem like in the North as they are usually loners.

Also, the water park - all must give this disclaimer due to chlorine use. As for the sale tactics - you took advantage of a preview offer, right?

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